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Below please find examples of our expertise: 

  • Independent damage assessment of hull damage to large yachts and sport boats
  • Independent damage assessment of storm and/or regatta damages to racing yachts and boats
  • ISM Yacht management
  • Engineering of stow, lift and lashing arrangements
  • MCA tonnage certification
  • Load cargo securing inspection for all means of conveyance
  • Development of transport models and feasibility studies
  • Independent hand-over condition assessment with certificate
  • Preservation of evidence and damage assessment on site
  • Determination of collision causes, groundings, etc.
  • Initiation of damage mitigation measures on site
  • Owner’s / Charterer’s representative activities
  • Planning and monitoring of inflow/outflow operations
  • Planning and monitoring of shifting and lifting operations in shipyards
  • Link between damaged owner and repair yard
  • On-site seasonal checks of charter flotillas

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