Founded in 2016 TRITON MARINE understands itself as a young company bound by Hanseatic traditions, loyal to its customers with the correct advice and consultation at the correct point of time.

We represent manufacturers and exporters, project logistics forwarders, shipping lines and freight forwarders, as well as marine cargo, liability as well as protection and liability insurers and underwriters.

We assist you identifying your transportation risks in detail and to minimize these risks sensibly and effectively. We stand at your side to effectively mitigate losses which have occurred. On your behalf we analyze major loss and frequency claims. From this we derive recommendations for action in order to prevent future major claims and to significantly decrease frequency losses.

Please contact us for an appointment or a quotation. In case of problems and emergencies we are available for you almost every time.

TRITON MARINE is based in Bremen – a city located on the river Weser with direct access to the sea. As member of the former hanseatic circle Bremen can look back on a tradition of the past and do not need to hide nowadays when efficiency of its ports as logistical turntables on the world market is asked for.

In direct vicinity Hamburg, the Baltic ports of Rostock and Kiel, as well as the North Sea ports of Brunsbüttel, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Brake, Wilhelmshaven and Emden are located.
The surrounding neighboring foreign countries (such as the A-R-A belt, the channel ports as well as the Polish and Scandinavian Baltic ports) are frequently visited by TRITON MARINE.

Due to excellent airport links international consultancy and inspections in Europe or across the entire world are of no problem for TRITON MARINE.



Jan Stapenhorst
Albert-Bischof-Straße 38
28357 Bremen, Germany

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