As per following chart you may find the opportunity to inform yourself of the huge diversity in locations of local surveying partners of TRITON MARINE - Transport Risk Consultants GmbH. All local partners were chosen due to their experience and professional competence. Further all local partners are regularly trained by updates of latest lifting methods, transport measures, loading, stowage and securing, rigging both of project cargo as well as yachts. A continuous high-grade quality of the local surveying work as well as a continuous further education is therefore ensured.

All local partners are additionally instructed in detail as far as possible risks and/or particularities of the cargoes are concerned. During the entire operation itself they are in close contact with TRITON MARINE - Transport Risk Consultants GmbH to maintain control if the need arises. Reporting goes directly to us and is checked for plausibility accordingly. After completion of all operations our principals will receive our report with assessment of the situations encountered.
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