International yacht transportation becomes more and more popular these days.

Yacht transportation

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The volume of yachts being transported as well as size and weight of these yachts is constantly increasing. TRITON MARINE acts as competent partner for vessel operators, charterers, freight forwarders and booking agents, as well as on behalf of yacht owners and their marine transport and hull & machinery underwriters. 

Whilst liaising with all parties concerned we develop detailed plans for rigging, lifting, cribbing as well lashing and securing. We attend loading and discharging operations of yachts, superyachts and mega-yachts on site. 

Our field of expertise is covering Lift-on/Lift-off as well as Float-in/Float-out operations.

Weighing, yard roll-out, launching and towage approval of new-buildings in different stages of completion are being supervised by TRITON MARINE on a regular basis. The same applies to road haulage of yachts.


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